Cross Border × Learning

Whether they are related to national culture, generation, gender, industry, job, or organisation, we face diverse borders in our work environments. However, these borders do not need to divide us. Instead, they can illuminate our culture and our authenticity. What is more, when we cross those borders, we grow as individuals. Our organisations change. We realise innovation.

Take a moment to think about the times when you have learned the most in your life so far. It is likely that those times involved crossing borders, for instance, by moving location, changing jobs, working on a new project, or starting a new relationship.

At Cross Border Learning Co., Ltd., then, we design ways to combine 'Cross Border' with 'Learning' so that business people can make new discoveries and more fully experience the excitement of their roles. In this way, both they and their organisation can grow.

Our Style



Rather than focussing on explicit knowledge sent in one direction from a teacher to a student, we use a dynamic workshop style and dialogue to give shape to the implicit knowledge within a group of people. Together, we look for possibilities and solutions. After all, we can learn vicariously through other people’s experience. We can learn by simulating situations and responses in our heads. We can learn by trying things out. By themselves, these are not enough. Together, they are powerfully effective.

Facilitation & Project


We facilitate organisational change that fosters continued growth by coaching cross border teams on specific projects. Our participants work in diverse teams to learn an effective and constructive way of discussing issues to creatively solve problems.

Our Philosophy



Our priority is clear. We are more focussed on working with you, our clients, to resolve your business issues and contribute to your growth and change than we are on growing the size of our own company.


In order to help you to solve your real-world business problems, we actively work together with our business partners around the world. In that way, we are able to be more than the sum of our parts.


We continue to learn ourselves by searching for the latest practical knowhow around the world and working to apply it together with you.


01 Cross Border Workshops

We create bespoke materials and support employee growth by identifying key turning points and episodes in your corporate history that exemplify your DNA, culture, and identity. In this way, we support you in understanding your past and shaping your future.

Post Merger Integration (PMI) Workshops
Successful PMI requires a focus on organisational and individual aspects, as well as on financial ones. By getting this balance right, rather than focussing predominantly on the financial side, your new organisation will be able to leverage its combined DNA, cultures, and strengths. Using practical knowledge, direct experience, and updated theory, we are here to assist you.
Diversity Workshop
Diversity initiatives are often imposed on business units, leading to increased complexity and reduced overall performance. Therefore, we work together with you to find a way to connect increased diversity to better business performance and employee engagement.

02 Cross Border Leader Training

When your leaders work across borders, they sometimes lose confidence in their ability to function at a high level. Through this workshop programme, we help them to identify their strengths and leverage them in new situations.

Cross Border Leader Programme
This three-month programme collects and connects people from different industries working in different roles. By working together on projects and team exercises, the participants learn the communication skills and leadership approach that can be effective for them in a cross border environment.

03 Learning from Your Own History

We write case studies and other materials that highlight key events and turning points in your company’s history. These create vicarious experiences that contribute to the development of next-generation leaders, as well as of the organisation as a whole.

Case Writing
To make it possible for you to share your company's DNA and strengths, we will work with you to create case studies and other materials that you can use for training and team discussions. These can also be put in the form of a formal company history.
Evangelist Programme
To facilitate the actual sharing of specific turning points and other key episodes, we work with you to train people who will act as internal evangelists for what is important.

04 Organisational CultureAlignment Programme

By identifying and codifying the corporate culture that you want to embed or strengthen, we help you to connect your strategy, solutions, and hiring in a clear and functional way.

Finding and Embedding Corporate Purpose
When your corporate purpose and value propositions have been expressed clearly in words, it then allows you to share these with both customers and employees alike.
Culture Survey Programme
We support you in creating a plan for change by using bespoke surveys to give concrete form to both your current culture and your aspirations for the future.
Culture-Based Management Programme
We work with you to shape a practical human-resources-focussed management approach that builds on the strengths of your company, organisation, and senior leadership team.

Track Record

We would like to introduce some of our achievements.



We are here to help you! Let us work together with you to discover the possibilities and identify opportunities for meaningful change. Contact us by email (in English or Japanese) with any issues that you want to solve.


Company Information

Trading Name Cross Border Learning Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment 2 November, 2020
Capital Stock 3.1 million yen
Representative Director Akira Isshiki
Scope of Services
  • Planning, delivering, and supporting training sessions
  • Developing programmes for training and other education initiatives
  • Supporting corporate anniversary events and history-related activities
  • Consulting on management, organisational development, and human resources development
Registered Address Kanda Takagi Building 4F, 1-17-7 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 101-0054
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui, Kanda branch
Inquiries Please contact us here.